Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Getting a handle on it

(Rather boring) souvenirs from my trip away this weekend:
Selection of miniature dolls house door handles on a stack of basswood lengths.
A selection of door handles from The Old Tythe Barn. I've been without door handles for a very long time, and keep forgetting to buy them when I'm at a mini show or shop. So when I remembered that I needed them while actually in a mini shop, I bought as many designs as possible.

And a stack of basswood from Hobbyco in Sydney. Something else that I've been meaning to buy for ages but no one else seems to stock it any more and I'm hardly ever in downtown Sydney to visit Hobbyco and plunder their selection.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While the rest of the ACT had the first of two long weekends in a row this weekend just gone, I spent the weekend 'working',

The quotes are because I spent the weekend visiting people's workspaces as part of my role as co-Editor* of The tiny Times. Which didn't feel much like work at all...

Our workspace for the weekend, Saturday afternoon:
Dining table with two mugs of tea, a biscuit on a plate, a magazine with a pen on it and a laptop in the background.
Visiting on Sunday morning:
Garage workshop in a back yard.
and Sunday afternoon (part one):
Drawing table with lamp, in the corner of a room overlooking the garden. On the desk chair is a tapestry cushion of a fantasy creature.
(and two):
Workspace surrounded with glass cabinets full of Japanese toys.
 Finally, a Monday visit to the printer to discuss our options for future issues...
Man in a printers, pointing at two magazine issues.
(*Yes, I've had a promotion.)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Stuffed at work

Paid parking is being introduced in the area around where I work on October 1. At the same time, our staff parking charge is going from $40 a fortnight to $75 a fortnight (and, in a few months more than probably to match the full local price of $120 a fortnight).

Because I live in a spot with good options for buses (I moved here before I owned a car), I have the option of taking a bus to and from work ($56.80 a fortnight). This week I decided to lend my carpark to a colleague and undertake The Great 2014 Bus Experiment to trial the public transport option before I have to decide one way or another on keeping my car park.

It's been OK. Yes, it takes a lot longer to get to and from work (up to 55 minutes in the evening instead of 30 minutes in the car) but I have enforced exercise and up to an hour of bonus reading time a day.

But it does mean less time at home to do things.

Yesterday morning I decided to follow Mitchymoo Miniatures' lead: I took my unstuffed cushions in to work with me to stuff at lunchtime:
Office desk with unstuffed dolls house miniature cushions, cotton balls and tweezers.
Hmmm.... I wonder what else I can achieve in ten minute chunks stolen from my lunchtimes?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Well, that didn't work out quite how I expected...

Our department has just gone through a major restructure, which has meant that pretty much everyone has moved desks (and, probably, jobs). There was a major clean out before the changeover happened, with large rubbish hoppers appearing all across the building.

And I can never walk past such things without having a quick peek inside to see what might need to be rescued. This caught my eye, for instance
Opaque plastic ring binder.
and screamed 'bathroom window' (instead of 'rubbish' which is apparently what it screamed to its original owner...)

In yesterday's post, I alluded to a plan to turn my existing French doors into something more mid century.
Modern dolls house miniature French door with frost insert. In the background is a opaque plastic ring binder, a pen and a pair of scissors.
Using a chunk of the folder cover instead of the plain glass supplied was part of the plan. 

But then I got too clever for my own good, and decided that it would look ever so much better without the muntins.Except I didn't stop to consider, before sawing them out, that they might have been notched in place. So I ended up with this:
Dolls house miniature French Door with muntins removed.
Dammit! So close and yet so far.
Dolls house miniature French door with opaque insert and notches where the muntins used to sit.
I guess, if I want to rescue this, that I need to cut inserts to fit from the muntins I removed. And then paint the whole thing to try and cover the mess.

Or I could just go with the 'close enough is good enough' approach and add the new opaque panels to my other set of French doors and leave the muntins in place.

I'm not holding my breath for the second option...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The bellabox is back

There were two packages waiting for me at the Post Office this morning: one turned out to be an Etsy purchase that I hadn't made (I suspect the seller sent my purchase to the person who bought what I received: hopefully I'll hear from her overnight.)

I had no idea what the other one was and was very strong and refused to open it until I remembered what I'd bought. Finally, by midday, I gave up and opened it. And realised why I had no idea what it was.
Small cardboard box labeled 'bellabox' on top of postal wrapping.
It was the bellabox I'd sent to Penelope in February, returned to me with new goodies inside.
Selection of dolls house miniatures displayed on the top of a small cardboard box labelled 'bellabox'
 Which means I must empty it and send it on again, right? (Thanks Penelope!)

In other news, I've not got much further with anything I blogged about last week (learning All The Things for my (latest) new job is taking it out of me and I spent good miniature-light time last weekend at the Lifeline Bookfair and the movies.)

Here's my completed La Gardo Tackett garden sculpture:
Mid-century modern miniature La Gardo Tackett garden sculpture
which I think will work really well in my scene: except I seem to have decided that since it's outside on the terrace, I need to have some lovely white weatherboards in the background (back to the spray can) and try and turn my existing French doors into something more mid century.

The pink sparkly bathroom tiles have got this far and no more:
Group of tiny pink sparkly mosaic tiles next to a grey sparkly placemat.
And there was a bit of a disaster with some white spray painting I did at the same time I sprayed the garden sculpture:
Close-up view of a number of plastic model kit components, badly painted with white paint.
(I need to clean off the pieces and try again. Soon. Before I lose interest.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Silver star

Examine the stash and remove two silver trays, bought at this year's ACT Miniature Enthusiasts Association show.
Two silver-coloured embossed metal dolls house miniature trays, one rectangular and one square.
Spy the perfume bottle sent to me by Kikka N in April and a Rement frangipani flower from who knows when in amongst the stash. Realise that the trays would work rather well as deco-esque wall boxes.
Two silver-coloured embossed metal dolls house wall boxes, one rectangular and one square, with a perfume bottle and frangipani in the lower one.
Do some more stash rummaging and add some other pieces that work with the theme, which now seems to have become a luxury bathroom (and discover that it's been a very long time since I've done a bathroom scene).
Two silver-coloured embossed metal dolls house wall boxes, one rectangular and one square, with a pink bottle and model Eiffel Tower in the top one and a perfume bottle, silver bottle and frangipani in the lower one.
Remember the rub-on chandelier silhouette decal I bought from Kmart a couple of years ago and have never found the right home for.
Selection of silver and white dolls house miniature furniture and accessories displayed under a rub-on chandelier sticker in its packet.
 And have a giggle as I realise I've just accidentally created the perfect home for the star challenge piece bought by Roruu for me last month at the Trash and Treasure markets (I'm still working out how to use last year's challenge piece: a large purple plastic octopus).
Selection of silver and white dolls house bathroom miniature furniture and accessories, with a full-sized silver-coloured placemat used as flooring and a range of silver, pink, white and blue miniature accessories.
And also some pieces that Mitchymoo and  Elvira sent me. 
Dolls house miniature bath, mirror and heated towel rail. On the mirror is a beaded bag and on the wall is a tiny pinky-silver tile.
Did you notice the pink sparkly tile? It's from a mosaic play set I picked up from the op shop for a couple of dollars a few years ago and have tucked away for the perfect scene:
Empty video cassette box containing bags of silvery-coloured mosaic tiles in blue, green, pink red and silver,