Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mocking me

One good thing about having my HBS Denise's City Cottage kit living on my dining table is I get to stare at it while I drink my morning cup of tea.
Side view of a taped-together modern dolls' house miniature kit, with a set of white french doors propped against the wall and a park bench next to them.
And get motivated to do more than just stare. This morning's cup of tea took quite a while to drink as I was taping together the kit bits
Rear view of a taped-together modern dolls' house miniature kit, with a cardboard wall and two small windows inserted.
 and cutting new wall templates out of cardboard
Front view of a taped-together modern dolls' house miniature kit, with a cardboard half-wall and two small rooms, one with a bed in it.
in order to see if my original plans would work, or if I needed to change direction before I start cutting more than bits of cardboard...


Friday, August 28, 2015

Finish it off Friday: a terrifying realisation

Pieces from a HBS modern dolls' house miniature Denise's City Cottage Kit on a table.
This morning, as I finally opened my HBS Denise's City Cottage kit, I realised that I. Have. Never. Built. A. Dolls'. House. Kit. In. My. Life.


(The closest I've got was designing my bay villa, which I then paid someone else to build for me.)

After breathing deeply, I sorted the kit pieces out, checked the instructions, and then spent quite some time reading More Minis @ Blogspot's very detailed posts on putting the kit together.
Pieces from a HBS modern dolls' house miniature Denise's City Cottage Kit arranged neatly on a table.
Then I ran away to breakfast with a friend, who dropped past the hardware store with me afterwards so I could pick up some more undercoat (because my mini life seems to be a constant round of undercoating things at the moment).

I was very happy to spot this on the mistint trolley:
One litre tin of mistint paint, marked 50c, on a table in front of pieces of a dolls' house miniature kit.
That's the inside paint sorted, then...


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All my miniature tutorials, on one page

Mosaic showing images of seven modern dolls' house miniature tutorials.
I've just put together a new page which contains links to all of my tutorials. It made me realise I should do some more...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Finish it off Friday: Fifteen minutes at a time...

At last weekend's ProBlogger training event, one of the things that stood out for me was hearing how the organiser had wanted to write an ebook, but felt he had no time. So he got up 15 minutes early each day and spent that time working on it. Three and a half months later, he was done.

I realised I needed to do the same with the three big miniature projects (if there can be such a thing?) that I wanted to have finished by the end of the year:
  1. the retro caravan kit (which I have already started and am trying to get into the habit of spray painting a bit of each day until I've undercoated all the pieces, boring as it might be).
  2. the HBS Creatin' Contest kit (which is still sitting in its box on the kitchen floor, waiting until I find the space to unpack it).
  3. and the Lundby hack, which has been waiting for my attention since December.

So today, I refocused on the Lundby hack, which I set up on top of a bookcase in the lounge back in December, confident that they fact it was sitting there, in full sight of the sofa, in all its glorious colour, would mean I'd be forced to get cracking on it:
Corber of a lounge, with a half-built Lundby dolls' house on top of a bookcase.
 Instead, I just stopped seeing it. :-/
A bookcase in a lounge, with a half-built Lundby dolls' house on top of it.
(Has something similar ever happened to you?)

So here's my starting point, a 2011 Lundby Smaland House:
A  half-built Lundby dolls' house.
Right from the beginning I'd thought I'd like to turn it into a cafe/ bar/ live music venue.

Downstairs, I decided that the original bathroom area would be a good kitchen space, and discovered that I could put the bathroom wall in backwards so the door to the room was at the rear of the space.
Interior of the bathroom of a half-built Lundby dolls' house. In the room are a selection of kitchen fittings.
I also decided that the internal stairs took up too much room so removed them. Instead, I was to add a door to the back wall, which will lead to toilets, the office and storeroom.
Interior of the ground floor of a half-built Lundby dolls' house.
I want to leave the wall between the original kitchen and dining areas out to make a large, open-space room offering chairs and tables and sofas to sit at while you have your coffee and cake.
Interior of the ground floor of a half-built Lundby dolls' house, with tables and chairs.
 Upstairs, I'm planning to have direct entry to the bar/ live music venue from the outside balcony, and possibly expend the roof to cover it. Inside will be a small lobby area,
Outside view of  ahlaf-built Lundby dolls' house, showing french doors to where a balcony should be.
 And a large, open-plan live music area with bar and a range of seating options.
Interior of the first floor of a half-built Lundby dolls' house, with sofas and band equipment set up.
I'm using band equipment from a Playmobil set, which is about the right scale, because the Lundby instruments set (60.5061) has been discontinued.
Band equipment set up in the corner of the first floor of a half-built Lundby dolls' house.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A(nother) good mail day

Look what I found in the post box today,
Spetmber 2015 issue of The Dolls' House Magazine, with mailing envelope.
 with this on page 29!
Page from The Dolls' House magazine September 2015 issue, showing a modern dolls' house miniature school-themed scene.
I originally made the scene back in 2011 inspired by a number of gifts I'd received, from M1K1, Call of the Small and Mitchymoo Miniatures.

And I liked the photos so much I still use one as the wallpaper on my phone:
Mobile phone withg wallpaper depicting a modern dolls' house scene of a pile of books with a large apple on top, and a jar of pens and pencils next to it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pizza from the post office

 Early last year I sent a pizza box, packed with crafty bits from the Typo Not Quite Right table, to a mini friend in New Zealand.Yesterday the box returned, refilled with mini goodness. 

The women at the post office thought it funny that I should be asking if a pizza box had arrived, and got quite excited when it did!
Post office assistant holding a pizza box which has been sent through the mail.
I couldn't wait to get it home and see what was inside...
Opened pizza box, showing a range of paper craft supplies.
A range of paper supplies strewn in a box.
 What was inside was lots of lovely crafty loot, including some more letter sets to make my box brooches with, scrapbooking paper, cutouts, stickers and bits of bling.
A range of paper craft supplies arranged on a desktop.
 My favourite bits so far are these plastic pieces which look like modern resin vases,
A packet of wooden cutouts in the shape of hearts and clouds and five plastic vase-shaped pieces.
this badge (which my friend explained was supposed to be 'I spot Damien Hirst' - but decided that 'I spot dolls' houses' was also appropriate),
Badge saying 'I [spot] DH' on top of a sheet of wood veneer.
these cardboard cutouts in the shape of gates, 
Scrapbooking cutouts in the shape of fancy gates.
and, finally I can never resist a daisy... 
A set of coloured round push pins, a bag of daisy sequins, and four wooden dolls' house plant pots.
So much inspiration to work with. Thank you, Sandra!